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Renegar Golf RX12 Wedges

Renegar Golf RX12 Wedges
Brands Renegar Golf
Product Name Renegar Golf RX12 Wedges


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Renegar Golf RX12 Wedges

The Renegar Golf Wedges represent a paradigm shift in golf club design from the 1930's Sarazen sole to a complete 21st century re-thinking of design for your modern short game. They liked Sarazen's bounce sole for bunker play, but they did not like its raised leading edge for the rest of short game play. So they fixed it with our patented improvement - giving you extraordinary playability from "the Apparent Contradiction" of a LOWERED LEADING EDGE with MORE BOUNCE?

But they did not stop there - that was only the beginning:
• 18 years and 4 generations of evolutionary development from a leading professional golf club designer and engineer – this is NOT °»garage tinkering°…
• Developed in the R&D labs – not at the factory °»grinding wheel°…
• Proven where it matters – in the hands of great players on the golf course
• Meticulously engineered, utility-patented, and CNC milled
• Precision manufactured by the best sources in the world
• Renegar's DTS Tour Control short game shaft for better playability than steel
• Renegar's short game specific grip developed with Lamkin for better control
• Fitted to the REAL demands of your modern short game
• Works better for every golfer at every skill level in every playing situation

48 Degree °»Pitching°… Wedge – Our °»48°… is designed to be a Pitching Wedge replacement for conventionally lofted irons sets, or it will work well as a second or longer °»gap°… wedge. It is compatible with many contemporary irons sets that have very strong modern Pitching Wedge lofts of 43/44/45. Shots with the 48 will yield lower trajectory, reduced spin, and greater distance. This wedge is particularly effective for lower trajectory pitches and chips where less spin and more roll are desired.

50 & 52 Degree "GAP" Wedges
50 & 52 Degree °»Gap°… Wedges – These clubs are intended to be °»gap°… wedges compatible with all irons sets, delivering lower trajectory with reduced spin and full swing distances between that of normal sand wedges and pitching wedges. Many players will find these Gap Wedges to be their best club choices for pitching and chips where some °»release°… and roll are desired. These clubs are also remarkably effective for the dreaded longer bunker shots of 40 to 60 yards – just open the face slightly engaging our patented bounce sole and hit an explosion shot.

54 & 56 Degree "Sand Wedges"
54 & 56 Degree °»Sand°… Wedges – Our 54°«s and 56°«s are our intermediate distance, trajectory, and ball spin solutions for your short game needs. They provide players at every skill level with extraordinary versatility for their short games and will adapt well to short game situations of many types. These are the clubs of choice for situations where intermediate trajectory and spin control are imperative, and they will be the player°«s choice for many normal bunker explosion shots and greenside shots from rough.

58 & 60 Degree "Lob" Wedges
58 & 60 Degree °»Lob°… Wedges - Both of our lob wedges give the player higher trajectory and higher spin solutions for shorter distances – specifically creating short game answers where the new conforming grooves of our competitors do not work well enough – even when compared to their °»extreme°… 60+ degree loft offerings. The lowered leading edge of our lob wedge will make it your °»go to°… club for many of the more difficult short game situations, for shorter bunker explosion shots, and for lobs from very tight lies. Our patented sole will allow you to open the club face fearlessly to add loft and increase trajectory whenever you like. Both of our lob wedges give the player a maximum of trajectory and spin at lesser distances – specifically creating short game solutions where the new grooves of our competitors do not work well.

All Renegar Golf Rx12 wedges come standard with our Aldila-Renegar DTS Tour Control composite shaft that was developed specifically for wedge play – not for full swing irons play. And all of our wedges come standard with our Lamkin 3Gen wedges grip for better performance in delicate short game situations where maximum feel and control are essential. These components have already been custom designed and optimized for wedge play. No further custom shaft or grip choices are offered or available.

And, of course, all lofts of our wedges come standard with our utility-patented sole contour – providing better playability for every short game situation – and our CNC milled face and our proprietary V-43 Double-Milled grooves.

The general specifications for all lofts of our wedges include a standard length of 35.5 inches, an uncut shaft weight of 105 grams, lie angles of 63.5 degrees, and a total static weight of just over 450 grams. *Left-handed clubs are not yet available, but please look for an availability announcement in the near future.

Products Code:REN12000001 Products Name:Renegar Golf RX12 Wedges

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