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Leupold comes from a long history developing optics for a variety of different industries. They have now decided to branch out to the golf world of optics creating the GX Series Range Finders. Originally operating as hunting and outdoor observation optics brand since 1907, the company acquired a solid knowledge and skills to build a range finder that precisely spots moving object in a complex environment. Leupold features 4 elegant GX series range finders which not only provides you great optical quality, but simple usability and assurance to focus on your game performance.

Leupold GX Series Features and Benefits

Specs Overview

Pin Hunter (In all Models)

The cross hair format in the range viewer is the most precise way to shoot laser easily on a pin point. Device is calibrated on that cross hair so that the users can shoot the lasers directly at the destination. Whether it's a fluttering flag or a slope on a foggy course, you can always trust the numbers on GX Series.
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Optical System (In all Models)

Optic engineers combined the precision glass, cutting edge coating technology, and rugged structural components to create the highest quality lens for the device. Low glare and scratch resistant also.
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Fog Mode (In all Models)

While rangefinders are essential when playing in foggy weather, most devices cannot avoid fog interference. With Leupold, the laser will filter the fog out and give you fast, accurate distance to save your time.
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Scan Mode(In all Models)

When you want to quickly observe multiple distance of the course, simply hold down the power button and the device will display line-of-site measurements. The prism-lock technology will also beep and lock-on the prism on the flagstick to assure you accurate reading.
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Quick Set Menu(In all Models)

With Quick Set Menu, you can preset your measurement preference for fast and easy observation.
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TGR (GX2, GX4)

The True Golf Range feature uses algorithmic software that takes altitude inputs and your game performance to calculate exactly how far you should hit with which club to reach the pin.
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Club Selector(GX2, GX4)

Once you input the striking distance for your clubs, GX will do the rest to recommend you the suited clubs you should use for certain distances.
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Smart Key(GX4)

Having a Smart Key feature is almost like having two different devices; put on the silver face plate for simple line-of-sight feature for that competitive round with friends, and put on the yellow face plate to activate TGR and Club Selector for Game improvement. All you have to do is switch the face plates!
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