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Graphite Design Tour AD Iron Shafts

Brands Graphite Design
Product Name Graphite Design Tour AD Iron Shafts
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Tour AD Iron

The Tour AD Iron Series (AD-50g, AD-65g, AD-75g, AD-85g, AD-95g, AD-105g, and AD-115g) are complement models of the Tour AD premium wood series. Utilizing the same technology as in the Tour AD wood series, the Tour AD Iron achieved a low balance design resulting in exceptional feel and control. Designed and manufactured in Japan, the Tour AD Irons exceeded overall performance characteristics when compared to light weight steel shafts, producing superior distance with consistent trajectory control. The Tour AD-50 series feature a soft flex profile with a LOW kick point designed for a High ball flight trajectory. The Tour AD-65, AD-75 and AD-85 series feature a MID kick point designed for a MID-HIGH ball flight trajectory. The Tour AD-95, AD-105 & AD-115 iron models feature a MID-HIGH kick point designed to produce a piercing, lower ball flight trajectory. Take advantage of the competitive edge that graphite irons shafts can offer and experience the Tour AD Iron series!

Revolutionary technology, design, and the most advanced materials are trademarks in all Graphite Design shafts, making them the highest quality premium golf shafts on the market today. Validating the company’s “Tour AD” logo, all of Graphite Design’s PGA Tour-proven shafts specifically promote “Accuracy and Distance”. These key competitive advantages are helping professional and amateur golfers optimize their games after switching to Graphite Design shafts. Graphite Design continues to be the most dominant shaft on the JGTO Tour and has been for the past eleven years.

Material Stiffness Integration, MSI, is a proprietary design concept by which Graphite Design develops golf shafts. By using a combination of different materials that vary in stiffness and fiber volume we are able to produce the best playing golf shafts available. This combination of materials also reduces vibration giving the golfer, shafts that feel better than our competitors.Composite materials consist of two main components, graphite fiber and resin. The stiffness of each fiber has an impact on how much vibration is transmitted up the shaft affecting the feel of the shaft. The resin acts more like a sponge absorbing the vibrations, creating exquisite feel. Using proprietary design formulas which integrate these materials we able to provide superior performing and feeling golf shafts.You will get PERFECT DISTANCE and PURE ACCURACY with Graphite Design golf shafts.

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Product Name
Graphite Design Tour AD Iron Shafts

UPDATE: 2014/12/01

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