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HONMA Beres IS05 Irons

Brands HONMA
Product Name HONMA Beres IS05 Irons
Price Price:$1,750.00
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HONMA Beres IS05 Irons Beres S-05Carry distance, easy-to-hit,easy-to-address The best BERES Iron ever.• Higher carry performanceWith the New face structure, the stress on impact is concentrated and the energy is transferred to the ball without loss, providing a longer carry distance.• The face's repulsion area is expanded by 25% (compared to the previous model).The face area is expanded by removing the welds from the face. It enables higher ball repulsion performance of the entire surface of the face.• The larger head size enhances forgiveness.Both the face height and width are expanded by 1 mm. The only 1-mm expansion provides comfort to the golfers.


 Beres S-05 Beres S-05New face structure(#4-8)The face with the New face structure provides a larger face area, expanding the repulsion area by approximately 25% (Compared to IS-03). This increases the carry performance and reduces loss of distance caused by mishits.  Beres S-05 Beres S-05 Beres S-05 Beres S-05


 Beres S-05 Beres S-05
Products Code:HNM0086 Products Name:HONMA Beres IS05 Irons

Item #
Product Name
HONMA Beres IS05 Irons

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