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HONMA Be ZEAL 535 Irons

Brands HONMA
Product Name HONMA Be ZEAL 535 Irons
Price $990.00


HONMA Be ZEAL 535 IronsHONMA Be ZEAL 535 IronsRepulsion function increase and weight saving on the head• 4 slits on the head4 slits placed on the sole, toe, heel and top blade increases repulsion on the head(2 slits inside of the head)and also effects weigh saving(2 slits outside of the head).HONMA Be ZEAL 535 IronsFace repulsion increase & Repulsion area expansion• Face repulsion increaseAdoption of 【HMT titanium face】developed only for HONMA enables to make face thickness 0.1? that increase face repulsion.HONMA Be ZEAL 535 Irons• Joint the head and faceDistance performance increases with expansion of repulsion areas on the face made with reduction of joint area on the face and head.HONMA Be ZEAL 535 IronsLow/deep center of gravity• Low/deep center of gravity with Tungsten weightsMore trajectory with low/deep center of gravity with placing Tungsten weights, 6g toe side and 3g heel side, in the both side of the cavity.(#4〜#10)HONMA Be ZEAL 535 IronsThat provide easy-to-address and better control• Evolution of head sizeEvolution of head side reviewed from previous model that increases better control.Even though easy big head is, sharpness is emphasized with round on the toe that leads to “Easy-to-address” when address.HONMA Be ZEAL 535 Irons• Head finishPlaiting on the titanium face with HONMA original plaiting skill could not be done by other competitors.Coefficient of friction is lower and easy to swing off due to the sole shape.Strength and durability of head increases and also presence as “product” effectively fills customers’desire.


HONMA Be ZEAL 535 IronsHONMA Be ZEAL 535 Irons
Products Code:HNM0125 Products Name:HONMA Be ZEAL 535 Irons

Item #
Product Name
HONMA Be ZEAL 535 Irons

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