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HONMA TW747 455 Driver

Brands HONMA
Product Name HONMA TW747 455 Driver
Price Price:$599.99
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 HONMA TW747 455 Driver

This Honma TW747 455 Driver has a comparatively shallower head with thick wall makes the face look longer, thereby adding the sense of confidence at address.


• Non-Rotating SystemThe original tuning function called "NON - ROTATING SYSTEM", in short, can be steplessly stepless without rotating the shaft.

 TW747 460 Driver

• Carbon Rib CrownRib Crown made of carbon
• 4-Fang TechnologyNew Technology applied in the face to give more forgiveness and distance, it also gives pleasant hitting sound and response allows the user to feel the ball caught on the face. Its structure is simple, with two ribs shaped like fangs on the top and bottom attached to the top and bottom of the face to raise the rigidity around the face, increase the repulsion of the face, the initial speed performance will increase.

 TW747 460 Driver


Lie Angle 59.5° 59.5°
Head Weight 455 455

Item #
Product Name
HONMA TW747 455 Driver

UPDATE: 2018/11/16

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