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Leupold GX-1i3 Range Finder

Brands Leupold
Product Name Leupold GX-1i3 Range Finder
Price Price:$374.99
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Distance, speed and accuracy: take your golf game to the next level with the ergonomically designed Leupold GX-1i3. The high performance DNA engine and advanced infrared laser provide faster distance measurements with accuracy displayed to within .5 of a yard. The GX-1i3 is tournament legal, offering line-of-sight distance measurement only. Rugged, compact, and completely waterproof, Leupold GX rangefinders are sure to shave strokes from your game.All this comes in one rugged, compact, and completely waterproof package.Leupold GX rangefinders are among the most compact in golf and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The key to fast, accurate ranging is the ability to lock on to the flagstick. For some, a shaky hand has made it more difficult to get on―and stay on―the pin. Not any more. Our improved PinHunter 3 Laser Technology (available on all GX-1i3, GX-2i3, and GX-5i3) filters out background images and makes zeroing-in on the target faster and easier.

Think of it as the little engine that performs well beyond its size. Our revolutionary DNA technology delivers the fastest, most accurate ranging in golf. Period. You get spot-on Line-of-Sight (LOS) or True Golf Range (TGR) accurate to within 1/10th of a yard… all in the blink of an eye.


Leupold GX 1i3 Range Finder

Item #
Product Name
Leupold GX-1i3 Range Finder

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