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Fourteen C036 Forged Wedge

Brands Fourteen
Product Name Fourteen C036 Forged Wedge
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Stop worrying about duffing it! Extreme Forgiveness in a Wedge!!
The C036 is designed with innovative Canyon Sole. This sole provides extreme forgiveness and helps golfers perform better in those so often demanding short game shots. New production technology, involves an ultra-high-precision mirror forged groove face, coupled and its Wide Canyon Sole, the C036 is extremely easy to use and brings the stability of spin and launch. Your short game will thank you!


Mirror Forged Grooves
New production technology provides face groove design barely conformed to the rules.

Players demanded it, we developed it
Due to increased demands for a Pitching Wedge with Wide Canyon Sole, we developed a lowers lofted option. This new option with compliment your short game and help further your game inside 100 yards. Having these three clubs in hand will greatly increase your success when tackling tricky approach shots, which can have a major effect on your score.

New “Wide Canyon Sole,” the innovative, advanced sole design
The Canyon Sole, features a deep groove as in its namesake, this design allows for performance in any given situation. With this series, the width, height and shape of the front and back soles have been developed to create an even more user-friendly “Wide Canyon Sole.” This provides strong stability and increased performance even on mishits.

Fusing two opposing sole functions
The front and the back sole faces are responsible for two completely separate functions.The front sole brings the head straight into the lie, while the back sole assists a spring-like pop without passing too low. It’s almost like leaving the shot up to a fully automatic club. Making all shots easy.

New Production Technology provides face groove design barely conformed to the rules
Adopting an ultra-high-precision mirror forged groove face guarantees the maximum cross-sectional area allowed by the rules, (more than was possible previously), making stable, high spin shots a possibility in the rain or from the rough.

Optimum balance and weight distribution
The cavity back design allows the sole to be super wide without the misplacement of mass, resulting in optimum balance for the club head. Providing ultimate forgiveness.

Orthodox head shape and off-set hosel
This model retains Fourteen’s traditional head shape that is great for the advanced golfers but carries slightly larger head size for those needing added forgiveness. Combining this traditional head shape and our off-set, your short game will thank you and your scores will improve.



Pitching wedge 

Approach wedge 

Sand wedge 









Bounce angle


Club length (inches)




N.S. PRO TS-114w

Club weight (S.W.)

460g (D2)

467g (D2.5)

472g (D3)


437g (D0.5)

444g (D1)

449g (D1.5)

Item #
Product Name
Fourteen C036 Forged Wedge

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