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Mitsubishi GRAND BASSARA Hybrid Shaft

Brands Mitsubishi Rayon
Product Name Mitsubishi GRAND BASSARA Hybrid Shaft
Price Price:$220.00
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Mitsubishi GRAND BASSARA Hybrid ShaftBuilding on the success of the GRAND BASSARA™ Woods, MCA GOLF has introduced the new GRAND BASSARA™ Hybrid. The GRAND BASSARA™ Hybrid delivers strength, stability, and performance in a lighter weight shaft.The GRAND BASSARA™ Hybrid Series complements the performance characteristics of the GRAND BASSARA™ Wood and Iron Shaft Series, providing unparalleled performance and stability in a lightweight hybrid shaft.


Ultra-Lightweight MaterialsOur expertise in creating thousands of versions of carbon fiber and resin combinations gives us the ability to create unique high-performance materials designed to deliver exactly what our engineers require to make our ultra-lightweight, high-performance shafts.Ion PlatingThe Ion Plating process creates a sophisticated, premium finish that cannot be achieved just by applying paint. The shaft is put into a vacuum chamber where chrome or silver alloy ions are fused to the shaft. It’s a more costly, time consuming process but it creates a stunning finish that we think is worth the extra time.


Shaft FlexLengthWeightTip O.D. Tip LengthButt O.D. Torque Kick Pt.
GRAND BASSARA Hybrid h40LITE42.0"36g0.350"4.0"0.594"6.7°MID/LOW
GRAND BASSARA Hybrid h40R42.0"37g0.350"4.0"0.596"6.7°MID/LOW
GRAND BASSARA Hybrid h50LITE42.0"45g0.350"4.0"0.602"4.2°MID/LOW
GRAND BASSARA Hybrid h50R42.0"48g0.350"4.0"0.604"4.2°MID/LOW

Products Code:MRN0106 Products Name:Mitsubishi GRAND BASSARA Hybrid Shaft
Item #
Product Name
Mitsubishi GRAND BASSARA Hybrid Shaft

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