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Srixon ZX Fairway Wood

Brands Srixon
Product Name Srixon ZX Fairway Wood
Price Price:$269.99
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Designed to give you confidence from the deck and the tee box alike, the ZX Fairway Woods feature the Cannon Sole for an optimal center of gravity plus increased ball speed. Your favorite par 5 has been warned.

The laws of physics are clear: energy cannot be created or destroyed. So if you want to add power to your drives, you’ve only one option: ocus your energy.
Effciency is the key. And Rebound Frame provides a more effcient transfer of energy from the driver to the golf ball.
It’s not just a new face, it’s an entirely new way to engineer a golf club. And it’s only in the new ZX Woods.

Ordinary drivers flex in the face, but Rebound Frame adds a second layer of flexibility for even more recoil at impact—it’s like a spring within a spring.
By refocusing the energy you’d normally lose, Rebound Frame is faster on every strike especially center-face impacts. And with enhanced speed in your driver, fairways, and hybrids, it’s confidence-inspiring distance across your long game.

Versatility in the long game is invaluable. ZX Fairway Woods boast as much power off the deck as they do off the tee, giving you speed and distance wherever you need it.


Rebound Frame
By focusing more energy into the golf ball, Rebound Frame's unique structure increases ball speed and distance on every shot, especially center-face impacts.

Cannon Sole
A forward-leaning weight pad and flexible sole work together, maximizing ball speed and optimizing launch.

Crown Step
A stepped crown lower the center of gravity, optimizing launch and increasing MOI. The effect is more forgiveness and more consistency, shot to shot.

Lightweight Carbon Crown
The 3W and 3+W use a lightweight carbon crown to reposition mass low, pushing MOI up and increasing forgiveness.


- Penetrating Launch
- Low Spin
- Workable


-Compact Profile
-Shallow Face


3+ 13.5° 43" 57.5° D3 RH
3 15.0° 43" 57.5° D3 RH/LH
5 18.0° 42.5" 58° D3 RH/LH
7 21.0° 42" 58.5° D3 RH
Item #
Product Name
Srixon ZX Fairway Wood

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