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PING G Fairway Woods

Brands PING
Product Name PING G Fairway Woods
Price Price:$269.00
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PING G family

Getting the ball in the air can be a challenge with fairway woods, but not with the G series. A lower lead edge helps slide the clubface under the ball so impact occurs higher on the face (12% higher than G30). Weight saved by thinning the crown was used to lower the CG, increase forgiveness, and make it easy to get the ball airborne, even when struck low on the face.Carpenter 455 steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for a thinner, variable-thickness, precision-machined face that increases flexing for fast ball speeds, high launch and greater distance. A unique process adds friction to the face to reduce spin.In addition to the standard 3-, 5-, and 7-woods, G fairway woods are available in Straight-Flight Technology versions and G Stretch 3-wood. The SF Tec 3- and -5 woods have a CG closer to the heel to provide right-to-left spin (for right-handed golfers) and steer the ball back into the fairway. The G Stretch 3-wood is engineered to stretch your distance off the tee and on shots into the green with its larger head, slightly forward CG, 13º loft, and lower spin.To fine tune your launch conditions prior to a round, adjust the loft up to ±1° using Trajectory Tuning 2.0, which utilizes a lightweight, aerodynamic and high-strength 7075 aluminum hosel sleeve. Crown turbulators give the ball a captured appearance and aid in alignment.


Low profile lead edge design and optimized CG for higher launch and more forgiveness.

Accurate alignment, captured look, more aerodynamic.

Sits closer to ground and moves impact area higher on face for more solid contact.

Carpenter 455 Face and tiered internal sole design increases face bending for higher launching, longer results
PING G Fairway Woods 25% THINNER CROWN
Weight savings (7 grams) lower CG and raise MOI.


WoodLoftLengthAVG. LieHead SizeSwing WeightHand
3W 14.50° 43.00" 56.00° 169cc D1 RH/LH
5W 17.50° 42.50" 56.50° 161cc D1 RH/LH
7W 20.50° 42.00" 57.00° 152cc D1 RH/LH

ALTA HIGH-BALANCEPOINT SHAFTMore energy, momentum and inertia means long, straight shots.

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Product Name
PING G Fairway Woods

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