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Scotty Cameron Oil Cloth Towels

Brands ScottyCameron
Product Name Scotty Cameron Oil Cloth Towels
Price $6.95


We offer original oil cloths to protect your Scotty Cameron putter. The unique feel of Scotty's putters is achieved through his use of solid milled steel heads. Carbon steel is susceptible to oxidation and rusting if left damp. To preserve the finish of your putter, Scotty urges you to follow a few simple guidelines.

1) Always dry your putter after play with a soft, lint-free cloth.
2) Then, wipe your putter with a Scotty Cameron Oil Cloth.
3) Always store your putter in a dry headcover.
4) Never leave your putter damp or wet.
5) Avoid leaving your putter in extremely hot or cold environments.
6) The Gun Blue (Black Oxide), Oil Can and Teryllium series putters are most susceptible to oxidation, so always dry these putters and wipe with an Oil Cloth before storing.
7) The Black Pearl and Pro Platinum finishes are more durable, as they involve a plating process over the soft carbon steel. You should still treat this finish with care to avoid dings, which can become areas for rust to develop.
8) Scotty's Stainless Steel putters are extremely durable and should not rust under most circumstances. However, if left wet, nearly every type of steel can rust. Simply wiping your putter down after each round will ensure that it will be around for your grandkids.

Item #
Product Name
Scotty Cameron Oil Cloth Towels

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