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Bridgestone Tour B XD-H Hybrid

Brands Bridgestone
Product Name Bridgestone Tour B XD-H Hybrid
Price $290.88


Bridgestone Tour B XD-H HybridExcellent control performance with iron feeling. Aiming shoot utility. This XD-H Hybrid Utility will help you improve the accuracy with iron operability. an Hybrid with high stability of carry distance on each count.


Power Rib TechnologyIncreases your ball velocity while keeping your shot stable with perfect sound. The rib arranged in the T shape increases the sole rigidity and increases the deflection effect of the crown/face.Small wood shapePursuing outstanding omission and control performance with a small shape close to the iron size.Power MillingMilling suppresses misalignment of the face and ball at the time of impact, low spin rate. And by pursuing the optimum spin amount for each hitting point by making the interval of milling to be sparse at the top and dense at the bottom.Wide Repulsion FaceIt improves the flight distance performance when off center hit. Increase tolerance at mishit and pursue a stable flight distance.Square faceSquare face design easy to hold against the target. Pursue a natural address without stress.Thin crown wall designPromoting low center of gravity by thinning the crown. Suppresses spin rate and improves flight distance performance.Bridgestone Tour B XD-H HybridBridgestone Tour B XD-H HybridBridgestone Tour B XD-H Hybrid


Lie Angle57.5°57°58.5°
Head Weight104cc102cc100cc
N.S.PRO 950GHLength40"39.5"39"
Weight/Swing Weight/S flex382g/D2387g/D2392g/D2

Products Code:BGS0264 Products Name:Bridgestone Tour B XD-H Hybrid
Item #
Product Name
Bridgestone Tour B XD-H Hybrid

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