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Bridgestone Tour B X-CB Irons

Brands Bridgestone
Product Name Bridgestone Tour B X-CB Irons
Price $1,090.80


Bridgestone Tour B X-CB IronsThe premium TOUR B X-CB irons offer incredible feel and playability. The compact head and wide sole offer more control and smooth turf interaction.Both tolerance and feeling are compatible at high dimensions. This iron has High moment of inertia design which strongly minimize mistake and creates a thick sense of hit by the thickness of hit point part. This iron is created in order to respond to professional needs, real soft iron forged irons sticking to details.


High MOI (high moment of inertia) DesignOff-center performance improvement by toe / heel balance design which made volume at toe / heel of the back face. Pursue straightforward performance to allow mistakes.Thick Feeling of Ball HittingDiamond type B design sticking to the wall thickness of the striking part that produces a thick sense of hit. Pursuing a comfortable hit feel unique to soft iron.Round sole with StabilityBy a slightly wide round sole, the impact is stable by firmly using the sole. Creating outstanding omission by dropping trailing.Bridgestone Tour B X-CB IronsBridgestone Tour B X-CB IronsBridgestone Tour B X-CB Irons


Lie Angle60.5°61°61.5°62°62.5°63°63.5°
Face Progression3.05mm3.75mm3.75mm4.25mm4.25mm4.75mm4.75mm
Modus3 Tour 120LengthCustom37.75"37.25"36.75"36.25"35.75"35.25"
Weight/S flexCustom411g(5i)/426g(7i)
Swing Weight/S flexCustomD2
Modus3 Tour 105LengthCustom38"37.5"37"36.5"36"35.5"
Weight/S flexCustom405g(5i)/418g(7i)
Swing Weight/S flexCustomD2

Products Code:BGS0266 Products Name:Bridgestone Tour B X-CB Irons
Item #
Product Name
Bridgestone Tour B X-CB Irons

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