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BGT Stability EI GJ 1.0 Putter Shaft

Brands Breakthrough Golf Technology
Product Name BGT Stability EI GJ 1.0 Putter Shaft
Price $199.99


BGT Stability EI GJ 1.0 Wood Shaft Why is Stability worth it
Stable path during putting stroke, less likely to make an infinity symbol path. Tour Stability allows a golfer to manipulate the ball a little bit while still having a true roll. The Standard Stability shaft is very rigid and is perfect for Mallet putters and spot putting.

What is the difference between steel and Stability
Steel shaft flexes through the putting stroke deflecting the ball at times and varying the impact point. Weight varies from shaft to shaft and so does torque which should be a low number for a putter. Stability shaft is just that, stable. Stability will keep your stroke on path and carry the putterhead through the hitting zone getting the ball all the way to the whole. The roll this shaft puts on the ball, you will understand Rickie Fowlers stroke!

Stability Creations
Here at Fairway golf, in the few months that Stability Tour has been out, we have created over 40 different putter models that included this shaft. Standard BGT we have created over 100 and Armlock BGT Stability more than 2 made. Someone even had an Armlock cut down to 34" length to make a very stiff putter shaft, lots of static weight rather than just head weight, putted wonderfully.


Tip Diameter .355″, .370″, .390″ straight
.370″ double bend
Length 37″
Weight 125 g
Butt Diameter 0.600″
Torque 1 ̊
Flex Ultra-stiff
Item #
Product Name
BGT Stability EI GJ 1.0 Putter Shaft

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