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Cleveland RTX Full Face RAW Wedge

Brands Cleveland
Product Name Cleveland RTX Full Face RAW Wedge
Price $179.99


The new Cleveland Zip Core RTX FULL FACE wedge. Its new, even more zip and more wedge to bite with. Awesome feel, accuracy and spin like no other - Cleveland’s latest model is an expansion of sorts of the recently released RTX ZipCore. Extending the grooves across the entire surface area of the face and tweaking the shape of the wedge for greater versatility and to inspire confidence. The new RTX Full-Face maintains the traditional and striking clean look that golfers have come to expect from a Cleveland wedge, all while adding shot making creativity with grooves across the entire face

Featuring the same ‘ZipCore’ technology as the standard RTX model, the RTX Full-Face incorporates a low-density core in the middle of the head, which allows for optimal centre of gravity (CG) placement and increased moment of inertia (MOI) higher and lower on face to create more shots struck on the centre of face. Despite the increase in centre strikes delivering more consistent spin, flight, feel and distance control, for shots not hit out of the middle the ‘UltiZip’ grooves across the hitting area ensure more spin and improved greenside performance

The grooves are deeper and sharper than previous iterations and heat treated for greater durability, and those found in the toe area will come into play on shots played with an open clubface that are regularly struck in the high toe and carry less spin. Similarly designed to assist with open face shots, such as those played out of bunkers or from long rough around the greens, the new high toe profile inspires confidence at address while attempting to maintain a classic wedge look.


56° C-SHAPED 64° 35 3/16" D5 RH
58° C-SHAPED 64° 34 7/8" D5 RH
60° C-SHAPED 64° 34 7/8" D5 RH
64° C-SHAPED 64° 34 7/8" D5 RH
Item #
Product Name
Cleveland RTX Full Face RAW Wedge

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