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Titleist TS3 Driver

Brands Titleist
Product Name Titleist TS3 Driver
Price Price:$399.00
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Titleist TS2 Driver Titleist came in with one idea with the TS collection, speed! With the TS standing for Titleist Speed, the R&D department has put in every effort to bring speed to every golfer. Making sure that every milligram of weighting counts during the swing the Titleist team did an amazing job driving the concept of adding more club head speed to drive more distance while proving and club face of maximum forgiveness.

TS3 is more the model for a golfer trying to find that sweet spot in their swing. The adjustable weights allow for the golfer to move the sweet spot for less aggressive golfers or even the golfers trying to correct the ball flight.

TS3 Features

TS3 produces slightly lower spin compared to the TS2 drivers. If you really want to reduce spin, the TS4 model is the best but the TS3 offers the combination of low spin and high MOI to hit the ball straighter.

Ultra Thin Titanium Crown: Thinnest Titanium Crown bring the weight of the club head to the lowest part of the sole, this gives the club ultimate control throughout the swing.

New Streamline Shape: TS shape of the club head brings a faster club head speed by being able to cut through the air seamlessly (Aerodynamics).

Thinner Faster Face: Thinner face does two beneficial acts, lightens the club head while also giving the best impact zone for ball speeds and forgiveness.

Weight Distribution: All the changes that have come with the weighting have been spread through out the club head better than ever to give the golfer the lowest CG (Center of Gravity) to date. Allowing for the easier launch and low spin.

Real Deal Shafts: Match the speed of a TS series driver with the most personal shaft for each golfer. Whether the golfer has a specific shaft that they want with the driver or the want a professional to fit them in the best shaft for their swing Titleist allows for the pairing of the speed driver club head in the best or most preferred shafts out there.


• Mid Launch, Low Spin
• Traditional Shape, 460cc
• Loft Options (RH/LH): 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°
• Lie: 58.5°
• Length: 45.5"

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Product Name
Titleist TS3 Driver

UPDATE: 2018/12/10

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