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Wilson FG Tour TC Black Wedges

Brands Wilson
Product Name Wilson FG Tour TC Black Wedges
Price Price:$139.99
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Wilson FG Tour TC Black Wedges The new Wilson Staff FG Tour TC black wedges feature Traction Control (TC) technology to enhance spin on both long and partial shots.Aggressive Tour-Y grooves are milled for consistency and enhance spin on full swings. Micro-spin enhancers, or sets of 11 laser-etched lines between each groove, enhance spin on partial swings.


SLEEK BLACK FINISHThe murdered out black finish reduces glare at address and provides a sleek, modern look. TWO UNIQUE SOLE DESIGNSThe Traditional sole features optimal width and camber for a player with a medium to steep swing.The Tour Grind sole features a thinner effective sole width for players with a medium to shallow angle of attack and is geared for players with shot variety around the green.SPIN-ENHANCING FACE TECHNOLOGYThe proprietary Tour-Y groove design and 11 laser-etched micro-spin enhancers between each scoreline support maximum spin on both full and partial shots. Both grooves and lines stand near the USGA maximum for surface roughness.VERSATILITYTwo sole options and nine different loft/bounce combinations exist; thus, a choice of 35 unique loft/bounce/sole configurations can be achieved through custom fitting.


HandRH only
Loft52°, 56°, 60°
Bounce06°, 14°, 11°, 07°
Length35.75", 35.5", 35.25"
Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold steelGrip: Lamkin Performance Plus 3GEN
Products Code:WIL0117 Products Name:Wilson FG Tour TC Black Wedges
Item #
Product Name
Wilson FG Tour TC Black Wedges

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