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Cabeau Midnight Magic Adjustable Sleep Masks

Brands Cabeau
Product Name Cabeau Midnight Magic Adjustable Sleep Masks
Price $19.99


• 100% Polyester
• CUSTOMIZABLE NOSE STRIP – WATCH VIDEO IMAGE: Great for men and women traveling on airplane, by car, or otherwise. The adjustable padded nose strip lets you customize the fit and level of darkness, so you can block out light better or sleep in complete blackout darkness.
• HOME & TRAVEL USE: With a pillow under your head and this soft sleep mask over your eyes, you can finally rest easy. Plush fabric covers the inside and outside while inner rounded eye liners keep the fabric away from your eyelids.
• SNAG-FREE STRAPS: The soft adjustable fabric Straps help the Midnight Magic Adjustable Travel
• Sleep Mask avoid “bed head” lines. With no elastic in this comfortable accessory, this eye mask will never snag your hair.
• NOISE CANCELLING: The Cabeau Midnight Magic Adjustable Travel Eye Mask comes with memory foam sleeping earplugs that store conveniently in the side eye cover pocket and offer you noise-cancelling restful bliss.
• MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Cabeau is committed to your complete satisfaction. Accordingly, we will replace all damaged or defective products due to materials or workmanship, upon your receipt of product.

Item #
Product Name
Cabeau Midnight Magic Adjustable Sleep Masks

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