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Yamaha Golf RMX Tour Model Wedge

Brands Yamaha Golf
Product Name Yamaha Golf RMX Tour Model Wedge
Price $163.62


Yamaha Golf RMX Tour Model WedgeYamaha Golf introduces the new Yamaha RMX TourModel Wedge for 2018 which has new design sole jointly developed over 2 years with professional. This wedge has classic beautiful model and design.Since golfers' swings and strengths differ from person to person, their aim differs as well. The new Remix wedge has radically different materials and machining in order to elicit the performance each golfer is looking for. A wedge you can rely on is your greatest weapon.This iron has hitting sensation and control that pro players demand.


• Spin Perfomance for Easy Aim - Yamaha Adopted the reverse taper blade design and swithced from laser to machine milling for the face in order to bring out ideal stability in the spin.• Active Sole for Wedge - Even if you change the way the face is opened to fit various lies, you can use the new design uniformly.


Lie Angle63.5°63.5°64.0°64.0°64.0°
Dynamic Gold 120 (S200)
Shaft Weight118g
Kick PointHigh
Club Length35.25"35"
Club Weight457g462g
Swing WeightD3D4
Shaft Weight114g
Kick PointMid-High
Club Length35.25"35"
Club Weight453g459g
Swing WeightD3D4

Products Code:YMH0049 Products Name:Yamaha Golf RMX Tour Model Wedge
Item #
Product Name
Yamaha Golf RMX Tour Model Wedge

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