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Nippon Shaft N.S.PRO Zelos 7 Iron Shafts

Brands Nippon Shaft
Product Name Nippon Shaft N.S.PRO Zelos 7 Iron Shafts
Price $195.00


N.S. PRO Zelos 7 Iron Shafts

World’s lightest steel shaft!
Light weight and strength have been mutually exclusive. Reducing the weight of steel has lowered its strength, increased the likelihood of breakage and reduced the pliability required to make dynamic shots. Two years ago, however, we committed ourselves to solving this dilemma by developing a new type of steel. Even though stronger steel commonly decreases flexibility, and greater flexibility commonly decreases strength, they set our minds on developing a steel material that would deliver both greater strength and greater flexibility. After a long, arduous struggle of trial and error, they finally developed a new material that offers impressive light weight, strength and tenacity

They then concentrated our efforts on maximizing the new material’s potential and invested thier technological expertise, gained through extensive experience, to develop a ‘light and pliable steel shaft’. After two years of continuous development effort, they proudly introduce a new Nippon Shaft ultra-lightweight steel shaft category!


Easy to handle with an extremely smooth swing and gentle touch, combined with the exact swing characteristics of a graphite iron shaft.
The stunning result is the N.S. PRO ZELOS 7, a new breed of shaft category that dispels the notion that “steel shafts lack shot distance in lieu of trajectory.” This extraordinary steel shaft combines world-leading light weight with sufficient flexibility and a low kick point that contributes to stable trajectory. Generating trajectory without power loss, its sweet spot keeps the launch at the right height for each club to ensure accuracy and stability.

N.S. PRO Zelos 7 Iron Shafts

N.S. PRO Zelos 7 Iron Shafts


FlexLengthWeightBalance PointTorqueKick PointButt DIA.Tip DIA.
R2 38.5"-35.0" (#3-W) 73.5g 51.6% 2.9° Tip 0.570" 0.355"
R 38.5"-35.0" (#3-W) 74.0g 51.6% 2.8° Tip 0.570" 0.355"
S 38.5"-35.0" (#3-W) 77.5g 51.6% 2.6° Tip 0.570" 0.355"
Item #
Product Name
Nippon Shaft N.S.PRO Zelos 7 Iron Shafts

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