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Callaway Epic Individual Iron

Brands Callaway
Product Name Callaway Epic Individual Iron
Price Price:$312.50
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Callaway Epic Individual IronCallaway Epic IronInnovation Without BoundariesTo develop a Epic Irons, they pushed themselves in away that they could elevate performance to the highest level they've ever achieved. It had to provide the absolute best combination of ball speed, distance, forgiveness, accuracy, control and feel. And to go beyond that standard, they had to be extremely meticulous, creative and committed to carefully crafting each material.The Face Cup incorporates an ultra-thin rim around the perimeter of the inner side of the face. At impact, the rim flexes and rebounds to add ball speed on center-face hits and minimize ball-speed loss on off-center hits. It's especially effective on the most common mis-hits -- toward the toe and low on the face. to further improve face performance, they increased the rim's flexibility by reducing the thickness to 1 mm at its thinnest point, resulting in even faster ball speed on center and off-center hits for more distance.Every iron in this set is uniquely constructed to promote optimum performance. During development they studied and tested new ways to enhance launch and trajectory, and succeeded by introducing an incredibly high amount of MIM'ed tungsten (over 644g in the set) into their Internal Standing Wave technology.


Callaway Epic IronNet-Generation 360 Face Cup Technology for Longer Average DistanceAdvancing the industry-leading face technology that made Callaway the #1 Iron in golf,the rim of the Face Cup is 1mm at its thinnest point to add even more ball speed on center hits and further minimizing distance loss on off-center hits.Exo-Cage for Energy Lensing and Miximum CORExo-Cage head construction stiffens the body to allow the face to take on more of the load of impact. this is knows as "energy Lensing" - it promotes faster ball speed for longer distance, and it helped raise the COR in Epic Irons right up to the limit in each iron. They've never reached that level of speed in a full set. MIM'ed Tungsten Infused Standing Wave To Optimize CG LocationMulti-material construction demands strict tolerances, seamless fit and secure bonding. Epic Pro Irons are precision-milled and robotically welded, and every iron in this set is uniquely constructed for maximum integrity and optimum performance. Incorporaitng tungsten in the Internal Standing Wave allowed Callaway engineers to precisely position the CG in each individual iron. this includes a lower CG for easier launch and long carry in the long, higher CG in the short irons for a lower, more controllable flight, and left-to-right CG control in tandem with the hollow hosel.Optimizing Center of GravityThey engineered a precise amount of tungsten into their internal standing wave technology, allowing us to uniquely position the CG in each iron. The performance benefits? Lower CG in long irons promotes easy launch and high, long carry, and higher CG in short irons means lower, more controllable flight.Callaway Epic Iron


ClubLoftHandLengthLie AngleOffsetSwing Weight (GR)Swing Weight (steel)
#318°RH / LH39.50"60.00°0.220"D0D2
#420.5°RH / LH38.875"60.50°0.200"D0D2
#523°RH / LH38.25"61.25°0.180"D0D2
#626°RH / LH37.625"62.00°0.160"D0D2
#730°RH / LH37.00"62.50°0.150"D0D2
#834.5°RH / LH36.50"63.00°0.140"D0D2
#939°RH / LH36.00"63.50°0.130"D0D2
PW44°RH / LH35.75"64.00°0.120"D0D2
AW49°RH / LH35.50"64.00°0.110"D0D2
SW54°RH / LH35.25"64.00°0.100"D1D2

Products Code:CAL1410 Products Name:Callaway Epic Individual Iron
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Product Name
Callaway Epic Individual Iron

UPDATE: 2017/06/16

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