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Super Stroke Soft Wrap Taper Control Grip

Brands Super Stroke
Product Name Super Stroke Soft Wrap Taper Control Grip
Price $5.49


The Super stroke soft wrap TC features taper control technology, which is engineered to create a larger lower hand profile reducing taper to minimize grip pressure. Lighter grip pressure increases club head speed for greater distance and promotes a square face at impact maximizing swing efficiency.

Progress That Sticks
The Soft Wrap TC is a modern wrap-style grip created with ControlTac, our proprietary rubber compound to deliver a soft, tacky feel in all weather conditions.

Its tech-driven design includes GeoSpeed Channels to help golfers ease grip pressure, as well as Taper Control Technology that boosts the size of the lower hand area to help golfers reduce tension, improve their clubhead speed, and more easily square the club impact.


Deep, wrap-style channels that are geometrically designed to help golfers minimize grip pressure so they can transfer speed more effectively at impact.

A proprietary rubber compound we developed specifically for the Soft Wrap TC. ControlTac boosts stickiness and comfort without sacrificing the control, feedback, and all-weather performance serious golfers demand.

A tour-inspired profile with minimal taper that helps golfers even their hand pressure so they can swing faster and square the clubface more naturally.

Item #
Product Name
Super Stroke Soft Wrap Taper Control Grip

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