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PING Blueprint Irons

Brands PING
Product Name PING Blueprint Irons
Price Price:$1,380.00
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Fully forged from 8620 carbon steel, the blade-style, tour-inspired design is engineered for the highly skilled player who puts a premium on workability and trajectory control. Shorter blade lengths, less offset and narrow sole widths optimized to perform in all conditions give elite shotmakers unmatched precision to attack any pin with confidence. A machined tungsten toe screw helps provide forgiveness.

Forged 8620 Carbon Steel
A four-step, multi-stage process for the one-piece forging provides very tight dimensional tolerance control, resulting in a true shotmaker's iron crafted with precision, for precision. The choice of 8620 carbon steel combined with a head design that concentrates mass through the impact zone delivers a pleasing sound and feel.

Compact, Precise
Based on requests from several PING professionals for a blade-style iron sized and shaped to deliver the ultimate in workability and trajectory control, Blueprint combines a clean, compact head with less offset, a shorter blade length and a thin topline.

Narrower Sole
A machined tungsten toe screw adds forgiveness, and combines with an internal heel weight to provide precise swing-weight tuning. The narrower sole enables clean turf interaction for consistent strikes from different lies and turf conditions to maximize versatility for playing all types of shots. A hydropearl chrome 2.0 finish helps ensure solid impact by repelling moisture.

Machined Face & Grooves
Every detail is exact and carefully calculated. More than 50 steps in the manufacturing process, including precision-machining of the face and grooves, are 100% inspected.

Louis Oosthuizen
“The feel is amazing,” reports PING pro Louis Oosthuizen, a consultant on Blueprint’s design. He was the first player to put the new irons in his bag and the first to win with them. “I love the feedback I get and how smoothly they go through the turf from any lie. The Blueprint’s workability gives me the control to hit all the shots with the precision I need to win tournaments.”

Tony Finau
“I put them in play immediately once they arrived,” said PING pro Tony Finau. “They’re workable, incredibly versatile and feel great. There isn’t a single shot I can’t hit with them, which gives me a lot of confidence in pressure situations. The look at address is also perfect; the size and shape really fit my eye.”

Shaft and Grip
The standard shaft is the Dynamic Gold 120, offering low trajectory, low spin, and tour-caliber accuracy in a lighter-weight steel. The stock grip is the Golf Pride MCC Align Black/White, which combines rubber and cord for all-weather performance and patented Align® Technology for consistent hand placement. Multiple aftermarket shafts and grips are also available.


2-iron 39 1/4" 17.5° 17.5° n/a 58.3° 0.14" 4.0° D2
3-iron 38 3/4" 20.0° 19.0° n/a 59.0° 0.12" 5.0° D2
4-iron 38 1/4" 23.5° 22.0° n/a 59.8°


6.0° D2
5-iron 37 3/4" 27.0° 25.0° n/a 60.5° 0.08" 7.0° D2
6-iron 37 1/4" 30.5° 28.5° n/a 61.3° 0.06" 8.0° D2
7-iron 36 3/4" 34.0° 32.0° n/a 62.0° 0.05" 9.0° D2
8-iron 36 1/4" 38.0° 36.0° n/a 62.8° 0.04" 10.0° D2
9-iron 35 3/4" 42.0° 40.5° n/a 63.5° 0.03" 11.5° D2
PW 35 1/2" 46.0° 15.0° n/a 64.1° 0.02" 13.0° D3
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Product Name
PING Blueprint Irons

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