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Mitsubishi MMT Putter Concept Shaft

Brands Mitsubishi Chemical
Product Name Mitsubishi MMT Putter Concept Shaft
Price $115.00


For the first time ever, our tour-validated, breakthrough Metal Mesh Technology has been incorporated into a putter shaft. MMT™ Putter Concept applies a new metal mesh ­called SPEEDMESH that is 75% lighter.

Solidify your putting consistency with an MMT™ Putter shaft. Players everywhere are realizing the benefits a composite shaft can bring to putting performance. Now you can carry the strength and feel of Metal Mesh Technology (MMT™) from tee to green. Swing speeds on putts may be slower but the margin for error is nearly none. MMT™ Putter Concept applies a new metal mesh called SPEEDMESH – a MICRO 304 SS 75% lighter and thinner than original Metal Mesh for maximized pliability – to the full length of the shaft to minimize deflection, increase the shaft’s recovery rate and promote a fuller release, helping you to hold your line and hole more putts.

Players report MMT Putter Concept creates a soft feel, and makes a putt struck with a milled putter face feel like it was struck with an insert.

Available in parallel or taper. As of now, only compatible with plumber's neck hosels.

Player Profile: MMT™ Putter is perfect for any player who wants to realize the added stability and consistency that comes from playing a uniquely reinforced composite putter shaft.


The lighter weight and thinner density of SPEEDMESH enables our engineers to increase the use of metal mesh to improve a shaft’s pliability, minimize deflection, and increase the shaft’s recovery rate.

Gears Certified
MMT Putter Concept as been tested using the GEARS motion capture system and demonstrated better face mapping and tighter deviation in all cases vs. steel.


MMT™ Putter 135 - Parallel 36 135 0.370 0.610 1.6
MMT™ Putter 135 - Taper 36 135 0.355 0.610 1.6
Item #
Product Name
Mitsubishi MMT Putter Concept Shaft

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