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Momentus Foot Stability Weights

Brands Momentus
Product Name Momentus Foot Stability Weights
Price $39.99


The Foot Stability Weights are the solution to stability, the proper footwork and balance in the golf swing. More golf shots are struck poorly because of poor balance and stability than any other reason.The Foot Stability Weights will eliminate swing flaws and poor ball striking due to instability and poor balance. The 5 lb. weights strap onto each foot and Velcro in the back of the heel for a snug fit. By making practice swings or hitting balls on the driving range, while using the Foot Stability Weights, you’ll train your body to stay connected to the ground and stay in balance for more power and control in your golf swing. A must-have for all.

Item #
Product Name
Momentus Foot Stability Weights

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