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Jucie tH Wedge

Brands Jucie
Product Name Jucie tH Wedge
Price $450.00


The performance required of a wedge is not only the ability to generate strong backspin, but also the ability to control the distance to be hit. The ability to adapt to different lies and problems. And most importantly, a sense of trust that allows you to hit the ball with confidence in any situation. All of these are carefully crafted to provide a high level of basic performance. "Whether it's your first wedge or the wedge you've finally found, the tH wedge is full of ease of use for players of all levels.

"Subdivision of spin performance" for usability

The conditions required for wedge shots have been subdivided into three types of wedge shots: carving, stopping, and rolling. By determining the backspin performance required for each type of wedge shot, and by designing the head performance, sole shape, and weight distribution in an integrated manner, the basic performance of the wedge has been enhanced, and it is easy to use for players of various levels to hit with confidence in such situations.

1)"Get" backspin

The face is machined with high precision and each scoreline is individually engraved. The square-shaped face and the semi-wide-shaped sole help you "get" stable backspin without opening the ball.

2)"Apply" backspin

It is designed as a free-form surface sole whose sole shape changes linearly. As a result, the edge does not float even when the face is opened and the sole functions firmly. It enables ball contact that "apply" strong backspin with low launch angle required by advanced players. Assists highly accurate wedge shot that pinpoints where you aim.

3)"Unravel" backspin

tH wedge has an moderately offset and head shape, making it easy to set up with hand first. With a center of gravity design and weight distribution that creates a low but soft trajectory, a straight backspin cleanly "unravel" on the green. Assists running shots that are easy to put on the target line and can be read how far rolling.


  • 3D CAD design

While controlling the target center of gravity performance, we carefully create even slight differences in shape. Using 3D CAD to create the smallest of details is one of Jucie's most advanced craftsmanship techniques.

  • Forged + FULL CNC milled

After molding by forged, the entire head is machined one by one by CNC control. Produces a highly accurate head according to the design data. The characteristic parts that are the key to performance are left as they are carved out, and the other parts are delicately polished to carefully create the easiness in setting up and warmth that are indispensable as tools in the sense of accuracy.


K-Sole The semi-wide sole width and linearly changing free-form sole shape not only works well in the square, but also enables spin shots without any edge lift, even when held open.

T-Sole Juicy first model The T-Sole, which was adopted for the EX1806 wedge, has evolved further to "stop the ball where you want it, low or high". Easy to spin" is the most important feature of the T-Sole.


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Product Name
Jucie tH Wedge

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