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Geotech QUELOT Super Aerial a-SPEC High COR Driver Head Only

Brands Geotech
Product Name Geotech QUELOT Super Aerial a-SPEC High COR Driver Head Only
Price $540.00


Equipped with plenty of flight functions while sticking to being lightweight.
While equipped with a slit sole and weight control system, The titanium head series was completed with a focus on being lighter. The outstanding flight distance performance and excellent tolerance of successive generations of QUELOT, The evolved QUELOT Super Aerial.


Slit sole design
Achieves a high smash factor by efficiently transmitting the collision energy at impact to the ball. The initial velocity of the ball is improved and the flight distance is increased!

Weight control system
A weight screw with selectable weight, a lightweight club that is most suitable for each physical strength is realized! 5g screw as standard equipment.

Expansion of face area and high repulsion area
By increasing the face area, the high repulsion area that can produce a fastball initial velocity is also greatly expanded.

Special face design
Precisely machined T64 titanium with a CNC machine and equipped with an ultra-high repulsion design face with improved spring effect.

High MOI
The unique shape of deep body and shallow back, expansion of sweet area realizes the maximum moment of inertia by weight ratio. You can expect to increase the average flight distance of the whole, not just one shot.

Blue & gray metallic gradient crown
A gradation of blue clay that spreads from the center of the crown, making it easy to hold sharply against the target. Adding a sense of luxury to the sense of security at the address.


Club Loft Lie Weight Face Angle Face Height Volume
1W(LT) 9.5 ° 59.0 ° 185 g 0 62 mm 460 cm³
1W(MT) 10.5 ° 59.5 ° 185 g H0.5 62.0 mm 460 cm³
1W(HT) 11.5 ° 59.5 ° 185 g H0.5 62.0 mm 460 cm³
1W(FT) 13.5 ° 60.0 ° 185 g H1.0 61.5 mm 460 cm³
Item #
Product Name
Geotech QUELOT Super Aerial a-SPEC High COR Driver Head Only

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