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Geotech QUELOT RE BLUE a-SPEC High COR Driver Head Only

Brands Geotech
Product Name Geotech QUELOT RE BLUE a-SPEC High COR Driver Head Only
Price $380.00


"Real flight" that challenges the limits of high repulsion

QUELOT opens, "to the unknown flying stage"
By improving the performance of "playing golf" rather than the performance as golf parts and golf clubs, It is "QUELOT RE Blue" that was born to lead to an increase in score and flight distance. The shot emitted from that “QUELOT RE Blue” is the “real flight”.

Uneven thickness wide repulsion face that enables ultra-high muzzle velocity
With a unique uneven thickness design, the thick part is placed slightly on the heel side. In addition, the face area is expanded vertically. By using "SP700 Titanium", which has an excellent elastic modulus, a thin design of 2.9 mm to 2.3 mm is realized despite the large face. A super high repulsion face that achieves high repulsion over a wide range achieves "real flight".

High trajectory & low spin and improved energy efficiency
High trajectory & low spin
The body material is αβ titanium alloy, which has a lighter specific gravity than general titanium, and about 80% of the crown adopts an ultra-thin design (0.5 mm). Achieved 20% weight reduction compared to conventional products only in the crown part and obtained a low center of gravity. "Real flight" with high launch and low spin due to the low center of gravity and the bending effect of the crown.
Maximize energy efficiency
By adopting an "Isometric Body structure" that minimizes the difference in distance between the crown surface and the sole surface over the entire area, the impact transmitted from the crown and sole overlaps behind the head, increasing the impact energy. to the ball as much as possible. "Real flight" by fast ball muzzle velocity.

Dual slit sole structure
Following the high energy efficiency of the "slit sole structure" of the conventional model. By adding a sharp slit, the feel and sound of hitting the ball has evolved to a high-quality one that intermediate and advanced players like.

SWA system that expands the range of settings
By adopting the SWA (Swing Weight Adjust) system (1g to 4g loading) that allows weights to be loaded inside the hosel, it is possible to adjust the head weight and set the club length according to the head speed and ball line. . By expanding the range of settings, it is also possible to set other than specially designed shafts.


Club Loft Lie Weight Face Angle Face Height Volume
1W(LT) 9.5 ° 59.5 ° 192 g H0.5 57.5 mm 460 cm³
1W(MT) 10.5 ° 60 ° 192 g H1 57.5 mm 460 cm³
1W(HT) 11.5 ° 60.5 ° 192 g H1.5 57.5 mm 460 cm³
Item #
Product Name
Geotech QUELOT RE BLUE a-SPEC High COR Driver Head Only

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