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Geotech GT 9 a-SPEC High COR Driver Head Only

Brands Geotech
Product Name Geotech GT 9 a-SPEC High COR Driver Head Only
Price $632.00


Geotech’s new flagship series the GT-9 is made using an SP700 face with a crown that is only 0.5mm thick and a high MOI of 4087gcm2 this all makes for a very soft feeling distance driver that launches straight and long.


By increasing the volume on the head toe side and extending the face length, the high initial velocity area is increased by about 12% compared to the previous GT D-617. In addition, the face is made of domestically produced JFE rolled SP700 titanium alloy, which achieves both outstanding resilience and a pleasant hitting sound. "Compression Cavity" and "Bottom Concave" are adopted for the structure of the sole part. By optimizing the head rigidity and maximizing the deflection performance of the face, we seek to increase the initial speed of the ball. With these features, it is a model that allows you to experience unprecedented flight and exhilaration.
By loading the "stabilizer plate (10.5g)" at the position that hits the rear from the center of the sole part, the center of gravity is lowered (center of gravity height: 35.2mm), Succeeded in placing it in a deep position (center of gravity depth: 40.8 mm). This suppresses excess ball blow-up and creates a powerful trajectory. Furthermore, the stabilizer plate itself stabilizes the head behavior. and make the energy transfer to the ball highly efficient. With these, you can release a powerful parabolic trajectory.
In addition to loading the stabilizer plate (10.5g), the weight of the upper part of the head is reduced by thinning the crown (thickness 0.5mm), By effectively arranging the surplus weight, a low center of gravity (low center of gravity ratio: 59.7%) and a wide area (MOI left and right: 4077gcm2), which are originally contradictory, are obtained. A high launch angle is ensured while suppressing the amount of backspin. In addition, the moderate shallow back shape allows you to feel the ease of raising the ball, emphasizing a sense of security at address. These improve low spin and trajectory stability.
By placing two weights (initial setting is 4g each) on the sole (toe and heel) and changing each to a separately sold 1.5g weight, Ballistics and weight can be adjusted. This allows you to freely tune to the ideal trajectory according to the conditions.


Club Loft Lie Weight Face Angle Face Height Volume
1W 9.5 ° 58 ° 198 g 0 59 mm 460 cm³
1W 10.5 ° 58.5 ° 198 g 0 59 mm 460 cm³
1W 11.5 ° 58.5 ° 198 g 0 59 mm 460 cm³
Item #
Product Name
Geotech GT 9 a-SPEC High COR Driver Head Only

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