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Bridgestone B1 Driver

Brands Bridgestone
Product Name Bridgestone B1 Driver
Price $715.00


B1 to aim and fly without fearing the left.
Both high-dimensional control and straightness are compatible. B1 that can be aimed and flown as imagined with a strong trajectory that is not defeated by the wind.



The high initial velocity area has been greatly expanded, further increasing the flight distance. This Technology increases the resilience performance of the toe and heel, Improved tolerance, and reduced flight distance loss!

Polymer inside - In order to absorb shock and maintain strength, the polymer attached to the tip of the conventional product has been changed to the inside.

From Aluminum to Titanium - Changed from conventional aluminum material to titanium to ensure strength and enhance the effect of pressing the face

Thinning & weight reduction - By reviewing the structure and material, the entire face has been made thinner and the face weight has also been reduced by approximately 7%.

Boost Power Technology
High initial velocity, taking advantage of the high restoring force of the carbon crown = "hybrid crown" with a built-in honeycomb string Pursuing high launch. In addition, the "power slit" placed inside further increases the deflection of the crown, resulting in high initial velocity and high launch. Pursuing

Power Milling
The toe and heel milling is twice as rough as the center, and the spin at the time of off-center hit is suppressed to improve straightness.

Adjustable Cartridge 3.0
The weight has been changed from 7g to 9g, and the adjustment range has been expanded. Furthermore, it is possible to set according to your swing.

Ballistic adjustment according to the swing is possible with 5 weight ports.


LOFT 9.5° 10.5°
LIE 57° 57°
HEAD VOLUME 460cc 460cc
TOUR AD-BS6 (S) LENGTH 45.25" 45.25"
Item #
Product Name
Bridgestone B1 Driver

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