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Bridgestone B1 HY Utility

Brands Bridgestone
Product Name Bridgestone B1 HY Utility
Price $296.00


In pursuit of straightness, with moderate spin don't remove the green Pursuing flight that reproduces the image up to the pin
By having both body rigidity and tolerance in pursuit of straightness, you can freely launch where you want.

"B1" that pursues "aiming and hitting" with a high tolerance for vertical flight distance, and horizontal, The lineup of "B2" pursues "flying without blurring" with high bending tolerance. Like the driver, B1 has straightness, B2 By designing it exclusively for gripping, it is a model that meets the needs of a wide range of golfers.



The high initial velocity area has been greatly expanded, further increasing the flight distance. This Technology increases the resilience performance of the toe and heel, Improved tolerance, and reduced flight distance loss!

Polymer inside - In order to absorb shock and maintain strength, the polymer attached to the tip of the conventional product has been changed to the inside.

From Aluminum to Titanium - Changed from conventional aluminum material to titanium to ensure strength and enhance the effect of pressing the face

Improved resilience performance - By reviewing the structure and material , we achieved a thinner face thickness, improved resilience performance, and pursued further flight.

Boost Power Technology - Power Milling
The "power slit" placed inside further increases the deflection of the crown, pursuing high initial velocity and high launch. Pursuing optimum spin performance at the time of off-center hit by "power milling".

Power Rib
A design that improves the vertical moment of inertia and the front-rear weighting, it is improved by about 18% compared to the conventional product, and it is in the vertical direction. Reduces blurring. In addition, a power rib that hardens the sole center is placed to pursue straightness.


LOFT 18° 21°
LIE 57.5° 58°
HEAD VOLUME 117cc 111cc
TOUR AD BS-6h (S) LENGTH 40.25" 39.75"
Item #
Product Name
Bridgestone B1 HY Utility

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