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Bridgestone 213 HF Irons

Brands Bridgestone
Product Name Bridgestone 213 HF Irons
Price $1,086.00


Introducing Bridgestone 213HF Iron. comes with SP-COR (suspension core) Technology, which was developed by "scientific contact", has been evolved and installed in this iron. The high initial velocity area has been further expanded. The polymer mounted inside absorbs the extra impact, giving a comfortable feel.

High-strength Ultimate Strong Metal 2.0 is used for the face material.

An L-shaped face that improves the resilience performance of the hitting area at the bottom of the face with a dimple face that uses a thick face.

And power slit is also installed. With these technologies, the ball is easy to lift and the flight distance to aim at the green It is a model that also has performance.


New SP-COR (suspension core) with new structure further expands the high initial velocity area. With a high initial velocity and high launch trajectory. Pursuing distance performance that can be aimed with carry. Also, compared to JGR HF3, the shallow shape of the semirage, which has a longer face length but a lower face height, gives a sense of security. Pursuing ease of flight.


CLUB 5 6 7 8 9 PW 48°
LOFT 22° 25° 28° 33° 38° 43° 48/10°
LIE 61.0° 61.5° 62.0° 62.5° 63.0° 63.5° 63.5°
FACE PROGRESSION 1.15mm 2.00mm 2.25mm 2.50mm 2.75mm 3.00mm 3.00mm
N.S.PRO 850GH neo (S) LENGTH 38.0" 37.5" 37.0" 36.5" 36.0" 35.5" 35.5"
WEIGHT/SWING WEIGHT Custom 389g(#5) 403g(#7)/D0 389g(#5) 403g(#7)/D1
Bridgestone/Mitsubishi Diamana BS50i (S) LENGTH 38.25" 37.75" 37.25" 36.75" 36.25" 35.75" 35.75"
WEIGHT/SWING WEIGHT Custom 355g(#5) 367g(#7)/D0 355g(#5) 367g(#7)/D1
Bridgestone/Fujikura AiR Speeder BS for Iron (S) LENGTH 38.5" 38.0" 37.5" 37.0" 36.5" 36.0" 36.0"
WEIGHT/SWING WEIGHT Custom 344g(#5) 356g(#7)/D0 344g(#5) 356g(#7)/D1
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Product Name
Bridgestone 213 HF Irons

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