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Wellputt Mat Start 10 ft / 3m length

Brands Wellputt
Product Name Wellputt Mat Start 10 ft / 3m length
Price $79.00


We developed the Wellputt Start Mat to provide an answer to all golfers who wish to improve their putting skills. The speed of the Wellputt Start has been developed by our engineers to match most of green speeds. This mat has different characteristics like the dot underneath the golf ball to help with ball positioning or the lines that will enable you to square your putter face. An indicator for stroke length is going to indicate you the desired stroke length for the appropriate ball speed. Finally, the visual targets have been shrunk down to increase the difficulty, but the last one is a standard cup size.


Alignment line for putting face
These alignment lines will help you aim your body by matching the putter face.
Directive arrows with line
These arrows will help you keep a nice straight line.
Wellputt Zone
When putting on the Wellputt Start, the aim of the exercise is to finish in the « Good Zone » or the « Wellputt Zone ». The ball must roll past through the hole and finish in the zone.
  • Length : 10 ft
  • Width : 1.2 ft
  • Stimp meter speed : 10 ft
  • Weight : 3.4 lbs
  • Approved by Cameron McCormick
  • Speed control & accuracy training
  • Best value for money on the market
  • Improve your skills in a fun way

Item #
Product Name
Wellputt Mat Start 10 ft / 3m length

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