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Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback White/Rose Gold Driver

Brands Cobra
Product Name Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback White/Rose Gold Driver
Price Price:$449.00
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Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback White/Rose Gold DriverThe KING F9 SPEEDBACK™ driver is the first Cobra driver to successfully combine an aerodynamic club shape, a low center of gravity, and a precision CNC milled face, creating the Ultimate Formula for Speed.WHAT IS ITSPEEDBACK Technology is a revolutionary advancement in engineering, creating the first driver to successfully combine an aerodynamic shape with a low center of gravity to optimize club speed and ball speed for maximum distance.WHO IT'S FORA lightweight configuration features a lighter and softer shaft, a lighter swing weight and a higher loft range creating the perfect combination of launch, speed and distance for women’s swing speeds.WHY WE MADE ITOur engineers identified a common problem in today's driver designs: to get good aerodynamic properties, you have to sacrifice other parts of the design. SPEEDBACK Technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in driver engineering and is the first to combine a streamlined, aerodynamic shape with a low center of gravity. Paired with the only CNC milled driver face, it delivers substantial improvements in club speed, ball speed and distance without sacrificing forgiveness.Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback Black/Rose Gold DriverTHE ULTIMATE FORMULA FOR SPEED.Longer starts with Faster. Faster starts with SPEEDBACK, a revolutionary advancement in low CG, efficient aerodynamics, and precision CNC milled face technology that delivers the Ultimate Formula For Speed.Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback Black/Rose Gold DriverSPEEDBACK AERO DESIGN.SPEEDBACK Technology delivers Cobra's most aerodynamic club shape which utilizes rounded leading edges, a raised crown, a raised skirt and a raised tail. This design streamlines the clubhead to promote an uninterrupted flow of air from the leading edge to the tail, to reduce drag and increase club speed.Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback Black/Rose Gold DriverOPTIMIZED AERO AND LOW CG.A low CG structure comprised of titanium and tungsten moves the CG low and deep, creating a more efficient transfer of energy to the ball for optimized launch and spin, while maintaining an aerodynamic shape.Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback Black/Rose Gold DriverCNC PRECISION MILLED FACE.In an industry where everyone claims to have a fast driver face, ours is the only one that is CNC milled. A process that is up to 5 times more precise than conventional hand-polished driver faces, CNC milling delivers our thinnest and hottest face design repeatedly on every driver we manufacture.Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback Black/Rose Gold DriverUP TO 5 TIMES MORE PRECISECNC milling allows face thicknesses and curvatures to be controlled to tighter tolerances, ensuring consistent performance across every driver manufactured.INDUSTRY LEADING TECHNOLOGYCNC milling is an industry leading technology that took two and a half years to perfect. We are the only company to feature both CNC milled driver and fairway faces.COBRA'S THINNEST & HOTTEST FACECNC milling yields more precise face thickness controls compared to manual hand polishing, allowing us to design a thinner and faster conforming face.E9 SPEED TUNED TECHNOLOGY.Dual Roll adds distance to your drives by reducing the gear effect that negatively impacts launch and spin on shots hit high and low on the face. Each driver is SPEED TUNED with optimized top and bottom curvatures to tune launch and spin for different swing speeds and attack angles.Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback Black/Rose Gold DriverDUAL ROLL TECHNOLOGY.Bulge and roll curvatures are CNC milled into the face following exact specifications in the 3D CAD file design to ensure consistent performance in every driver we manufacture.1. TOP ROLL CURVATUREThe top half features more curvature than the bottom half of the face to promote higher launch with reduced spin on shots hit above the centerline.2. 7-DEGREE AXIS TILTThe axis is tilted at a 7 degree angle to account for the amount of toe droop that occurs during a typical swing.3. BOTTOM ROLL CURVATUREThe bottom curvature is SPEED TUNED to optimize the loft of each driver head (9.0, 10.5, 12.0 to 12.5 women's & junior's) to maximize launch and spin for different swing speeds and attack angles on shots hit below the centerline.Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback Black/Rose Gold DriverPERFECTED BULGEThree different horizontal bulge curvatures are CNC milled into the face to control loft and face angle on the heel, toe and center areas. Having perfected bulge curvatures is crucial to minimize the gear effect on shots hit on the toe and on the heel so the ball ends up closer to the target line.E9 FACE TECHNOLOGYE9 Technology is a variable thickness structure designed in an elliptical shape (along 9 different points) that expands the SWEET ZONE across a typical miss-hit pattern that ranges from the low heel to high toe areas.COBRA'S FIRST EVER CARBON WRAP CROWNContinually pushing the boundaries of innovation, Cobra engineers have created our largest carbon fiber crown design that is the first to wrap over the crown onto the body. This design produces a 12% larger carbon fiber area that saves 10 grams compared to titanium driver crowns.Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback Black/Rose Gold DriverPWR RIDGESEngineered creases called PWR Ridges frame alignment and add rigidity to the carbon crown structure to create more energy return and power to the ball to maximize speed.360 AERO TECHNOLOGYPolymer crown trips are positioned relative to the direction of airflow around the club head to reduce drag and increase clubhead speed. Using a lightweight polymer material on the crown trips improves aerodynamics without raising the center of gravity. Titanium trips are positioned on the sole to speed up the flow of air traveling underneath the driver.TUNE YOUR BALL FLIGHT.The KING F9 SPEEDBACK drivers feature adjustable center of gravity (CG) and MyFly loft technologies, allowing you to fine-tune trajectory and launch to maximize distance.ADJUSTABLE CGCustomize your center of gravity (CG) position using moveable weight technology. A heavy weight (14g) and lightweight (2g) can be moved to the front or back position to fine-tune trajectory, launch and spin.MYFLY 8 WITH SMART PAD8 easily adjustable loft settings allow players to manage launch and spin conditions to optimize distance. Smart Pad Technology keeps the face square at address regardless of the loft setting.Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback Black/Rose Gold DriverSpec

Loft SettingsLie AngleLength with COBRA CONNECTLength with Standard GripSwing WeightHead VolumeStock FlexRH/LH
11° / 11.5° / 11.5° Draw / 12.5° / 12.5° Draw /13.5° / 13.5° Draw / 14°59.50°44.25" 44.00" C5460ccLadiesRH/LH*
ModelFlexShaft WeightKick PointTorqueTrajectorySpinTip Diameter
Fujikura ATMOS 5Ladies53gLow3.5HighHigh0.335

Products Code:CBA0659 Products Name:Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback White/Rose Gold Driver
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Product Name
Cobra Ladies KING F9 Speedback White/Rose Gold Driver

UPDATE: 2019/01/18

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