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Chromax Metallic M2 Golf Balls

Brands Chromax
Product Name Chromax Metallic M2 Golf Balls
Price $17.98


Chromax Metallic M2 Golf BallsThe revolutionary Chromax golf ball creates unprecedented visibility in all light conditions with High Visibility Technology.Because of Chromax’s unique inter-illumination between a reflective inner layer and a translucent outer layer, the surface of the golf ball appears brighter. Chromax is not only the easiest ball to see in the air and on the grass, but it is the easiest to play.Available in the 75 compression M1x for slower swing speeds, and the 85 compression M2x for faster swing speeds, all Chromax balls conform to USGA and R&A tournament specifications.SpecificationsChromax BallsDfference between M1 and M2Chromax Balls
Products Code:CMM11000003 Products Name:Chromax Metallic M2 Golf Balls

Item #
Product Name
Chromax Metallic M2 Golf Balls

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