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Lamkin Comfort PLUS Golf Grips

Brands Lamkin
Product Name Lamkin Comfort PLUS Golf Grips
Price $10.99


An ultra-comfortable alternative to polyurethane grips, the Comfort PLUS is made of a proprietary rubber compound that is both appealingly soft and incredibly durable. The grip features a reduced-taper profile with a larger lower hand to encourage the ideal light-pressure grip. Lamkin’s proprietary FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY provides a shallow micro-texture for comfortable traction.


  • Made with Lamkin’s new DSX material, developed to provide a super soft feel that lasts round after round
  • FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY with a shallow micro-texture surface pattern provides a comfortable and smoother grip feel
  • Unique manufacturing process and an unbuffed finish provides an extremely tacky grip surface
  • Straighter, reduced-taper profile promotes the ideal light grip pressure for greater shot control and consistency


Grip DescriptionCore SizeNominal Weight
Comfort Plus Undersize 0.60" 45g
Comfort Plus Standard 0.60" 53g
Comfort Plus Midsize 0.60" 57g
Item #
Product Name
Lamkin Comfort PLUS Golf Grips

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