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Aldila NV Wood Shaft

Brands Aldila
Product Name Aldila NV Wood Shaft
Price Price:$75.00
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Aldila NV Wood ShaftAldila NV Wood ShaftLow Launch and Low SpinDebuting in early 2003, The ALDILA® NV® Green is one of the most popular after-market shafts ever. With that kind of success, why change what works.The new NV® Green features the same constant taper design to a smooth and stable feel shot after shot. The next generation NV® also incorporates ALDILA®’s NexGen Micro Laminate Technology® (MLT) - which uses more than 20 layers of ultrathin, aerospace-grade prepreg, that eliminate unwanted gaps and “dead zones” that can occur during the manufacturing process. MLT enhances feel and eliminates inconsistent shots cause by shaft variability.We’ve updated the NV® Green’s cosmetic to appeal to today’s more global audience as well as developed lighter option and additional flexes to help fit more player worldwide.The NV® Green was born to perform and continues to withstand the test of time.


NexGen Micro Laminate Technology® (MLT)ALDILA®’s NexGen Micro Laminate Technology® (MLT) utilizes ultra-thin layers of premium aerospace-grade materials. Shafts with MLT use up to twice as many prepreg plies as alternative shafts, producing a stable, solid laminate void of “dead zones”. This design revolution eliminates inconsistent shots caused by shaft variability, while enhancing feel.


NV® Pink 55 NXTL46.0"55g0.335"3.0"0.615"4.0MID/LOWPARALLEL
NV® Green 55 NXTA46.0"54g0.335"3.0"0.615"3.9MID/LOWPARALLEL
NV® Green 55 NXTR46.0"56g0.335"3.0"0.615"3.9MID/LOWPARALLEL
NV® Green 55 NXTS46.0"57g0.335"3.0"0.620"3.9MID/LOWPARALLEL
NV® Green 55 NXTX46.0"0.335"3.0"MID/LOWPARALLEL
NV® Green 65 NXTR46.0"67g0.335"3.0"0.620"3.5MID/LOWPARALLEL
NV® Green 65 NXTS46.0"67g0.335"3.0"0.625"3.5MID/LOWPARALLEL
NV® Green 65 NXTX46.0"68g0.335"3.0"0.625"3.5MID/LOWPARALLEL
NV® Green 75 NXTR46.0"78g0.335"3.0"0.620"2.8MID/LOWPARALLEL
NV® Green 75 NXTS46.0"78g0.335"3.0"0.625"2.8MID/LOWPARALLEL
NV® Green 75 NXTX46.0"78g0.335"3.0"0.625"2.8MID/LOWPARALLEL

Products Code:ALD0035 Products Name:Aldila NV Wood Shaft
Item #
Product Name
Aldila NV Wood Shaft

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