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Eyeline Golf Practice T Alignment Rod System

Brands EyelineGolf
Product Name Eyeline Golf Practice T Alignment Rod System
Price $39.95


Eyeline Golf Practice T Alignment Rod System・Alignment is the most critical element of an “on-target” shot.・Consistent ball position between the feet creates consistently solid shots.・Consistent ball position from the toe line creates consistent shot shape.・Our premium rods are made to endure the abuse of riding in your bag; NO bending, cracking, or splinters.Using the Practice T Alignment System:・Lay the feet alignment rod a little left of the target, parallel to the line of the shot.・Put the crosspiece on the rod, and lay the 2nd rod in the slot pointing at the ball.・Slide the ball position rod side to side to get fresh turf during your practice session.・Slide the ball position rod in and out to switch to a longer or shorter club without resetting your alignmentSTANDARD SYSTEM:This system includes the cross piece and 2 rods you see pictured. You can set up the bottom rod along you toe or heel line. The top perpendicular rod can be used to check ball position between your feet or to make sure you are setting up a consistent distance from the ball. It is easy to slide them in your bag beside your clubs and since they are 36" long they will stick out of your bag several inches for easy access.ULTIMATE SYSTEM:This system comes with 3 rods and 2 cross pieces. Having the outer rod in place gives you an excellent visual aid for driving the club down the line. This is the best station to work on ball position. You can align your shoulders, hips, knees and toes. Create a tighter channel for accurate wedge and short irons.BREED PACKAGE:This is the mac daddy Practice T system! You get a total of 4 cross pieces and 5 rods. With this system you get the ultimate practice station. There are a variety of benefits to this layout. Not only does it give you the visual cues to hit shots on a laser line to the target. You are also able to check your hand position and club angle by pausing at a 9 o'clock position. Work on driving the ball down that target line!SINGLE ROD:Already have a system and want to extend its features? Just add another rod! Our premium rods are made to endure the elements and abuse of riding in your bag. They will not get bent, cracked, or give you splinters.CROSS PIECE ONLY:You can always pick up another cross piece to add functionality to your Practice T system.We even made our Cross Piece with a special smaller notch in the rod channel to fit Tour Sticks or reflector rods, if you have been using those.
Products Code:EYE0019 Products Name:Eyeline Golf Practice T Alignment Rod System

Item #
Product Name
Eyeline Golf Practice T Alignment Rod System

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