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Fujikura PRO Series Wood Shafts

Brands Fujikura
Product Name Fujikura PRO Series Wood Shafts
Price Price:$200.00
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Fujikura PRO Series Wood ShaftsDesigned by Fujikura Engineers to maximize the energy transfer from the golfer to the club head at impact, this shaft will help you play like a PRO.Through the use of ENSO®, each shaft within this series offers something different depending on your swing type. The Pro 53, 63, and 73 are designed for the golfer looking for a mid-launch and low spin.Building off of Fujikura’s H.I.T. Technology, the PRO Series is built with Maximum Carbon Fiber Content material and Cage construction for stability throughout the swing to provide more accurate shots. Designed with a custom bending profile which creates a stiffened mid and tip section with more forgiveness in the handle section, this shaft produces a mid launch and low spin ball flight, allowing for greater distances.


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Products Code:FKA0068 Products Name:Fujikura PRO Series Wood Shafts

Item #
Product Name
Fujikura PRO Series Wood Shafts

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