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Mitsubishi Fubuki V-Series Wood Shaft

Mitsubishi Fubuki V-Series Wood Shaft
Brands Mitsubishi Rayon
Product Name Mitsubishi Fubuki V-Series Wood Shaft


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Mitsubishi Fubuki V-Series Wood Shaft

FUBUKI™ continues to be our proving ground for disruptive, category changing ideas. The FUBUKI™ V-Series features P.N.C. Stainless Steel Mesh Technology, in addition to our newest innovation – Impact Stabilization Technology (I.S.T.). I.S.T. utilizes variable material stiffness in the lower third of the shaft to minimize unwanted °»lag°… and °»rebound°…, to deliver more control and efficient power transfer through impact.


Impact Stabilization Technology (IST)
Impact Stabilization Technology (I.S.T.) utilizes our latest innovative design and materials to control variable stiffness in the lower third of the shaft. I.S.T. enables us to minimize unwanted °»lag°… and °»rebound°… through impact, delivering greater control and more efficient power transfer.

Power Ninja Core (PNC)
Our P.N.C. Stainless Steel Mesh Technology was first used in the FUBUKI™ K-Series. A layer of ultra-thin yet strong steel webbing is integrated into the core of the shaft. The mesh acts as a truss°Ĺadding strength and minimizing shaft deformation in all directions.
Fubuki V-Series


ShaftFlexLengthWeightTip O.D.Tip Length Butt O.D. Torque Kick Point
FUBUKI V-Series 40Lite46.0"47g0.335"3.0"0.596"7.4°ŽMID
FUBUKI V-Series 40R46.0"48g0.335"3.0"0.600"7.1°ŽMID
FUBUKI V-Series 40S46.0"52g0.335"3.0"0.604"6.9°ŽMID
FUBUKI V-Series 50R46.0"54g0.335"3.0"0.600"5.5°ŽMID
FUBUKI V-Series 50S46.0"58g0.335"3.0"0.604"5.4°ŽMID
FUBUKI V-Series 50X46.0"61g0.335"3.0"0.606"5.5°ŽMID
FUBUKI V-Series 60S46.0"65g0.335"3.0"0.614"4.9°ŽMID
FUBUKI V-Series 60X46.0"68g0.335"3.0"0.606"4.8°ŽMID
FUBUKI V-Series 70S46.0"74g0.335"3.0"0.610"3.8°ŽMID
FUBUKI V-Series 70X46.0"76g0.335"3.0"0.596"3.7°ŽMID

Products Code:MRN0079 Products Name:Mitsubishi Fubuki V-Series Wood Shaft