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Matrix OZIK TPHDe Shafts

Matrix OZIK TPHDe Shafts
Brands Matrix
Product Name Matrix OZIK TPHDe Shafts


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Matrix OZIK TPHDe Shafts

Matrix OZIK TPHDe Shafts

Matrix OZIK TPHDe is the full extension of the Hexadecagonal geometry for enhanced feel. Advanced Zylon and Boron Interply Technology. The center of gravity has been revised to allow for longer builds and use of heavier heads.


Interply Hybrid Technology is the application of cutting-adge materials working in concert to create performance characteristics greater than the sum of its individual parts. Matrix believes that Interply has dynamic effects on ball speed and on sidespin reduction, and makes the Matrix OZIK TP and TPHD shafts the most advanced and materially-complex shaft franchises ever created.

Simple math tells us that 1 + 1 + 1 = 3, but Interply allows for an exponential unlocking of performance traits not achievable by the materials used individually. During the construction of shafts using this technology, each flag is laminated together in varying shapes according to the designer's intended design. The first, made from high-modulus carbon graphite is employed as a base constituent. This base is then wrapped with two full-length layers of up to 118-thread count Russian Boron (imported as thread and at competing angles for impact stability). These metallic layers are covered by a layer of ballistic, photo-sensitive Japanese Zylon for enhanced feel and tensile strength. Each structure is then finished with GMAT, a unique form of graphite from the United Kingdom, which serves as a "casing" for consistency and durability. Each shaft utilizing this technology is built in our Orange County, California R&D lab using a 12-step, 6-day, 9-person process that insures unmatched symmetry.

Keys Points:
• Exclusive to the Matrix OZIK TP and TPHD
• Dynamic effects on ball speed and on sidespin reduction
• Carbon + Boron + Zylon + GMAT + Interply laminate/clocking method
• Made only in Orange County, CA
• 12-step, 6-day, 9-person proces

The HD Design refers to the hexadecagonal (16-sided) internal platform on which the shaft designs are built. HD allows for new levels of structural strength. With the stronger 16-cut butt section, Matrix engineers are able to better structure and strengthen the tip section without adding overall weight. At times this even lowers balance points to better match high MOI and low CG heads. The result is a stronger "tip-strength-to-weight" ratio than with any previous Matrix shaft.

Keys Points:
• 16-sided internal structure (visible without a grip)
• More consistently uniform than a round golf shaft
• Strengthens the shaft without adding weight

Angular Velocity Fulcrum butt design (AVF) : Much like in a modern archer's bow, the AVF design seeks to create momentum and angular velocity by using the biggest and strongest portion of the shaft (the butt section) more effectively.

Conventional golf shafts do not focus on the butt section to build kinetic energy, preferring instead to allow the shaft's tip section (the shaft's smallest and weakest point) to control angular velocity, launch angle, and backspin rates. In AVF shafts, using ideas borrowed from archery, energy is built in the butt section and then dynamically released towards the mid section. With this high-energy butt section and gradient energy flow through the tip section, a giant, powerful fulcrum is created which greatly increases the force that is applied to the clubhead and the golf ball.

Keys Points:
• Uses the shaft's butt section to create a bigger fulcrum
• Allows for greater launch and spin control

Circumferential Flexural Integrity is an innovative layup method devised to insure a shaft's flexing properties are consistent around the 360� circumference.

It is imperative to keep these values as close together as possible during manufacturing to ensure consistent dynamic response and output performance of the shaft. A shaft must have the same flex characteristics around it's circumference before it can be truly matched to another shaft. Matrix also manufactures a testing apparatus called The Universal. This was designed to provide technically advanced club builders and OEMs an opportunity to test any shaft on the market.

Keys Points:
• Every Matrix Shaft is tested for CFI
• CFI checks that each shaft has a consistent flex, despite the orientation


ShaftFlexLengthWeightTorqueTip O.DButt O.DTIP

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