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Momentus Bomb-It Mini Driver

Momentus Bomb-It Mini Driver
Brands Momentus
Product Name Momentus Bomb-It Mini Driver


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Momentus Bomb-It Mini Driver

The Bomb-It Mini Drivers are training aids that demand a golfer to focus more intensely on hitting the center of the club face with the ball, otherwise the resulting shot is poor at best. The Bomb-It Mini Drivers are difficult to hit in the center of the face due to the fact that they are so small. The Bomb-It Pro Mini club head is only 37 ccs. The Bomb-It Am Mini is only 55 ccs. Their face widths are 2 inches and 2.25 inches wide, respectively. The specifications of the Bomb-It Mini Drivers are designed to be the same as a standard driver with a 200 gram club head, 9.5 degrees of loft, a 70 gram graphite shaft, and a standard grip. The size of the club head is so drastically small that it makes the Bomb-It Mini Drivers unique and challenging to hit. But, when you do strike the Bomb-It Mini Drivers in the center of the club face, you°«ll be rewarded greatly with a long and straight tee shot and a feeling like no other club you°«ve ever hit before. There°«s great satisfaction awaiting you when you overcome the challenge of trying to hit the Bomb-It Mini Driver in the sweet spot.

Go to the driving range with either of the Bomb-It Mini Drivers and a small bucket of balls, and you°«ll be incredibly amazed at how quickly you°«ll adapt to start hitting the center of the club face with the center of the ball. Then, when you transition to your own 460 cc driver, you°«ll feel like there isn°«t a fairway you can°«t hit, and you°«ll experience maximum trampoline effect off the face of your driver for ultimate carry distance. The Bomb-It Mini Drivers are available in RH only and with either a regular, stiff, or extra stiff 70 gram graphite shaft.

Products Code:MMT0021 Products Name:Momentus Bomb-It Mini Driver