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SKLZ Hinge Helper

SKLZ Hinge Helper
Brands SKLZ
Product Name SKLZ Hinge Helper


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SKLZ Hinge Helper

The Hinge Helper reinforces proper swing mechanics by promoting the correct wrist hinging found in on-plane swings and crisper ball striking.

As good instructors will tell you, if you don't hinge your wrists properly, you're in for a load of trouble. The Hinge Helper reinforces proper swing mechanics by promoting the correct wrist hinge found in on-plane swings and crisper ball striking. Comfortable and adjustable for all wrist sizes.

¡¦Reinforces proper swing mechanics for more pure ball striking
¡¦Promotes the wrist hinging needed for on-plane swings
¡¦Includes scalloped guide to prevent over-hinging and cupping
¡¦Adjustable, comfortable and built for full swing or chips by right- and left-handed players

• Read all instructions carefully before using. If the instructions are not followed correctly, it could result in injury or damage to the product.
• Always check for wear and tear before use. If any is found, do not use the product.

PHYSICIANS WARNING: Not all exercise equipment and programs are suitable for everyone. It is recommended that you consult your physician before using this
equipment or beginning this or any other exercise program.
• This product is not suitable for children under 5 years of age.
• Do not store in extremely high or low temperatures to avoid damaging or reducing the life of your Hinge Helper.
• Do not leave your Hinge Helper outdoors for extended periods of time.

• When using your Hinge Helper, please have others stay clear of the hitting area to reduce the risk of injury.
• Hinge Helpers is a training aid and does not conform to the rules of golf by the USGA for use during a round of golf.
• Hinge Helper comes assembled for a right-handed golfer. However the Hinge Helper can be used for both right-handed and left-handed golfers.
If you are left-handed see instructions on the back to learn how to convert the Hinge Helper for left-handed use.

SKLZ Hinge Helper

Products Code:SKL0064 Products Name:SKLZ Hinge Helper