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Mitsubishi Diamana BF Series Shaft

Mitsubishi Diamana BF Series Shaft
Brands Mitsubishi Rayon
Product Name Mitsubishi Diamana BF Series Shaft


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Mitsubishi Diamana BF Series Shaft

Mitsubishi Diamana BF Series Shaft

The Diamana™ BF-series represents the next generation version of MRC°«s signature °»smooth°… bend
profile and is made exclusively at our facilities in Japan. The new BF-series, like its most recent
predecessor the Diamana™ B-Series, incorporates high-strength DIALEAD™ Pitch Fiber by
Mitsubishi Rayon into the butt-section of the shaft, adding unprecedented strength and control
during shaft loading and unloading.

The new Diamana™ BF-Series also incorporates, for the first time, a new hybrid prepreg developed
by the engineers at Mitsubishi Rayon. This new prepreg combines boron fiber and Mitsubishi Rayon°«s
latest carbon fiber innovation MR70. Mitsubishi Rayon°«s MR70 by is 20% stronger and has 10%
higher modulus than conventional carbon fibers. Strategically positioned in the tip-section of the
shaft this hybrid prepreg provides added strength and stability at impact.


Boron fiber is combined with Mitsubishi Rayon°«s new MR70 carbon fiber to create, an extremely strong, performance oriented material with enhanced strength and higher modulus than standard prepregs.

Specifically designed and developed by Mitsubishi Rayon for high-performance applications, MR70
is an innovative new carbon fiber material that is 20% stronger and 10% higher modulus than
conventional materials.
MR70 represents the latest in material and design innovation made possible by Mitsubishi Rayon°«s
Vertical Integration Advantage.

DIALEAD Pitch Fibers
Diamana™ BF-Series features our prepreg with DIALEAD™ Pitch Fibers for outstanding strength and
energy transfer with a minimum of shaft deformation. While more costly and difficult to manufacture, the pitch fiber we are using is much stronger than traditional carbon fiber. All prepregs used in our shafts are developed and produced by Mitsubishi Rayon, or our trusted partners, giving us precise control over every step of the process.

Products Code:MRN0074 Products Name:Mitsubishi Diamana BF Series Shaft