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XXIO GOLF CLUBS | Driver, Fairway, Hybrid & Iron

About XXIO

XXIO [zek-si-oh] is a Japanese premium golf brand which is a part of Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd. owned by SRI (Sumitomo Rubber Industries). Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd. makes golf and tennis equipment. The ownership story may not click to many but Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd. manages many of the brands that are popular in the United States. I am sure you have heard of Srixon, Cleveland, Never Compromise and Miyazaki shafts. All these brands are part of the Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd group of Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

XXIO was first introduced in 2000. It is always about distance and forgiveness. Since its introduction, it has gained popularity in the Japanese market and it is till the number 1 selling brand in golf in Japan. Just like Taylor Made and Callaway are to the US golf market, XXIO is the brand that many Japanese golfers sought after for longer and straighter golf equipment for beginners to experienced golfers. The one thing that prevented from penetrating in to the US market would probably be the price.

As we all know Japanese golf equipment is priced higher than the average popular US golf equipment. Yes, many factors such as golf culture, perception of craftsmanship, quality is different among countries. When you walk in to a golf shop in Japan, you will be amazed at how many drivers come with premium shafts such as Graphite Design Tour AD shafts, Mitsubishi Rayon golf shafts. We are not talking about the OEM toned down version but the real performance shafts with the highest material and quality. If you order an US driver with one of the premium shafts, it would cost almost the same as the drivers sold in Japan. So if you look at the price and what comes with it, the prices of drivers are pretty similar.

New XXIO 9 Series

The XXIO9 series features Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.'s original Dual Speed Technology, which maximizes the efficiency of the golfer's swing. The newest improvement to DST includes a boost in efficiency for the initial portion of the downswing. Lag is increased by utilizing a heavier head and a lighter shaft with a higher balance point moving the CG closer to the grip. This improvement to the club brings the club head in tighter to the body of the golfer for a more efficient swing, which generates more centrifugal force (rotational speed) for increased head speed and greater distance.

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