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US Kids Golf Clubs Online Fitting - How to choose golf clubs for juniors?

U.S. Kids Golf Sets

Why should you buy your kids golf clubs specifically designed for kids?

As far as fitting golf clubs for kids, it's like picking out the right shoes for kids. The size, weight and performance of the shoes are key elements to keeping your child comfortable, safe and having fun. These elements are the same in picking the right golf clubs.

1. Club Length

The first thing we do at Fairway Golf is measure the kid's height (you can do this at home if you can't make it to our shop).

This will ensure we find the right length shaft. If the shaft is too long, the club head will not sit properly and will make hitting a golf ball very difficult.

Imagine giving a 10 year old an adult golf club, the toe of the club will probably sit an inch off the ground.

2. Club Weight

The second thing we would talk about is the club weight. Club weight is just as important as club length. If the club is too heavy, the child will have a hard time making a good back swing and through swing.

So simply cutting down an adult set will not perform like clubs built for children.

3. Shaft Flex

The third thing to think about is shaft flex. Like club length and weight, flex is just as important.

Having the right flex will help the child launch the ball on a good trejectory and maximumize distance.

Just like an adult struggling to hit a very heavy and extra-stiff shaft club, a child will have a difficult time hitting a cut-down adult club for the same reason.

4. Playing Levels

The fourth thing we review is the playing level of your child. There are different level golf clubs for kids just starting golf and kids who compete in tournaments.

Kids just starting to play will not need 14 clubs, maybe just a wood, iron and putter. This will give the child enough clubs to learn the different parts of the game.

Where as the child who plays in tournaments will need a combination of wedges, irons and woods. This will give this child the advantages of fine tuning their game to shoot their best scores.

Two Playing Levels for US Kids Golf Clubs

Ultralight (U/L) Series Golf Clubs

U.S. Kids Golf Sets

U.S. Kids Ultralight Series Golf Clubs are the perfect clubs for introducing golf to kids! Unlike other golf companies that primarily build adult clubs, U.S. Kids only makes golf clubs for kids. What does this mean? It means they only focus on making clubs that fit and work for kids. The U.S. Kids Ultralight Series Golf Clubs comes in 9 different sizes, so getting the right golf clubs is as easy as measuring the child's height. The Ultralight Series is available in box sets (golf clubs with golf bag) or as individual clubs. Start your kids off right with a set of U.S. Kids Ultralight Series Golf Clubs!


Tour Series (TS) Golf Clubs

U.S. Kids Golf Sets

U.S. Kids makes great clubs for beginners as well as advance players. The Tour Series Golf Clubs are designed with the same high quality materials of professional golfers equipment. The only difference is the U.S. Kids Tour Series Golf Clubs are sized and dialed in for advanced children golfers. Tour Series Golf Clubs come in sets with more clubs than the Ultralight Series. The extra clubs cover gaps in distance to help kids score their best on the golf course. The U.S. Kids Tour Series Golf Clubs are the advantage the best young golfers use to stay at the top of the leader board!


Which U.S Kids Golf Clubs Set is the Best for Your Young Player?

1. Determine player's height in the chart below
2. CLUB SELECTION: Based on player's swing speed choose Ultralight or Tour Series.

Approx. Age
Ultralight Series
(Beginner to Intermediate)
Player's Hight
Tour Series
(Intermediate to Advanced)
Ultralight 63 Ultralight 63
SWING SPEED: up to 73 mph
Tour Series 63
SWING SPEED: 74 mph & up
Ultralight 60 Ultralight 60
SWING SPEED: up to 68 mph
Tour Series 60
SWING SPEED: 69 mph & up
Ultralight 57 Ultralight 57
SWING SPEED: up to 63 mph
Tour Series 57
SWING SPEED: 64 mph & up
Ultralight 54 Ultralight 54
SWING SPEED: up to 58 mph
Tour Series 54
SWING SPEED: 59 mph & up
Ultralight 51 Ultralight 51
SWING SPEED: up to 53 mph
Tour Series 51
SWING SPEED: 54 mph & up
Ultralight 48 Ultralight 48
Ultralight 45 Ultralight 45
Ultralight 42 Ultralight 42
Ultralight 39 Ultralight 39

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